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Police of the Irkutsk Region ensures the protection of public order in the flooding zone
There has been organized the turn of duty of internal affairs officers in the abandoned village in order to protect the property of its residents.
04 February 2014 15:45
A criminal case on charges of illegal forest felling was sent to court in the Irkutsk Region
The General Investigative Administration of the MIA General Administration for the Irkutsk Region sent to court a criminal case against members of an organized group engaged in illegal forest felling on a large scale in the territory of the Chunsk district.
14 March 2014 09:19
In the Irkutsk Region the Police rescued a freezing man
In the village police division of Nukuty settlement in the Irkutsk Region there was reported the disappearance of a 48-year-old male. Investigative team found that a resident of the Zalarinsky District lived with his fishing brigade in a temporary barrack on the shore of the Bratsk water reservoir. In the evening he went in a rubber boat to check the nets and disappeared.
08 May 2014 11:05
In the Irkutsk Region the Police were mobilized to fight forest fires
Currently, the police are fully mobilized to fight the natural disaster. At night the roads in the vicinity of the District center Zheleznogorsk-Ilimsky are patrolled by specially created patrols.
19 May 2014 08:15
In the Irkutsk Region the Police identified the alleged culprit of the fire in the village Dalny
In the course of a set of measures aimed at clarifying the circumstances of a large forest fire in the village of Dalny of the Nizhneilimsky District, the Irkutsk Region, as a result of which there burned more than 20 houses, the police established the alleged culprit of the accident. 
22 May 2014 08:00
Policemen find a lost 5-year old girl in the Irkutsk Region
An all-points bulletin for the child was issued to all field police squads.
04 July 2014 04:59
Policemen in Angarsk found a missing eight-year old girl in several hours
 Precinct police officers together with children's officers found the girl at her acquaintance's house. The child was delivered at home.
14 July 2014 06:40
Policemen find a lost boy in the Irkutsk Region
A woman aged 45 notified the police about the disappearance of her grandson. The local woman reported that the 11-year old boy had left home in the afternoon but didn't return.
15 July 2014 06:03
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