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Police of the Irkutsk Region ensures the protection of public order in the flooding zone
There has been organized the turn of duty of internal affairs officers in the abandoned village in order to protect the property of its residents.
04 February 2014 15:45
Road Police inspectors are helping typhoon victims in the Primorsky Territory
Earthflows and roadway flooding caused by the downpour led to traffic jams in the city. The Road Patrol Service helped drivers by regulating the traffic in bottleneck areas. Policemen helped drivers to push out cars from floods on the roads.
21 July 2014 10:54
In the Spassky District of Primorye the Police are participating in flood relief
Commission for Emergency Situations of the urban district Spassk-Dalny decided to introduce a state of emergency in connection with the flood on the rivers of Spassovka and Kuleshovka that flow through the city.
30 March 2015 11:57
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