20 June 2018 14:10 5
At the end of the safety lesson, each of the kids in practice tried to properly cross the roadway on a regulated pedestrian crossing. 
20 June 2018 14:10 3
Representatives of the “Youth Center”, motorcyclists and police called on the northerners to comply with the traffic rules.
20 June 2018 13:20
“The defendant is accused of involvement in dozens of contract murders of law enforcement officers, important officials and famous businessmen,” the Spokesperson of the Russian MIA, Irina Volk, said. 
20 June 2018 13:20 2
Two other rare specimens will appear soon in the museum of the MIA Division for Ruza - police motorcycles “Ural M67”. One -  used by the traffic police, and on the other - by a militia precinct officer.
20 June 2018 12:00 2
Maria Ampleeva won the silver of the World Cup in the low-kick discipline in the weight category of over 70 kilograms, having fulfilled the standard of the master of sports of Russia.
20 June 2018 09:27 1
As a result of operational actions, the police officer managed to prevent serious consequences of the incident - the victim was saved.
20 June 2018 07:45 1
Over the years of cooperation between the Dolphin staff and the police, a close and warm relationship has developed. 
20 June 2018 06:30 16
At the end of the event, the police held discussions with teenagers about safe behavior in the streets, in the courtyards of houses and on the roads.
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