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In Volgograd the police detained a person suspected of vandalism

“As a result of a complex of operational search activities, Volgograd policemen detained the persons suspected of committing an act of vandalism,” said the MIA official representative Irina Volk.

It was established that in the night of March 14, 2016, three suspects - a 16-year-old student of evening school No. 5 in the city of Volgograd, a 23-year-old previously convicted Volgograd citizen, and a 21-year-old girl, a goods manager in one of the city's shopping centers, out of hooliganism, damaged and tried to set fire to the worship cross installed near the chapel of St. John the Baptist Church in the Central District of Volgograd.

The detainees confessed to the deed. With respect to the underage and the girl, a preventive measure was chosen in the form of a subscription on their own recognizance, the senior partner was detained in accordance with Art. 91 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation.

The criminal investigation initiated under part 1 of Art. 214 “Vandalism” of the Russian Criminal Code continues.

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