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Accompanied by officers of the MIA of Russia National Central Bureau of Interpol, the accused of drug trafficking was extradited from Lithuania

A native of Petrov, Volgograd Region, Alexei Bondarenko, accused of committing a crime stipulated by Part 3 of Art. 228.1 of the RF Criminal Code of the Russian Federation was extradited from Lithuania.

The suspect participated in the creation of an organized group that specialized in the distribution of narcotics - marijuana.

As a result of the operational-search activities, Bondarenko was detained and charged with involvement in drug trafficking. Subsequently, during the search of residences of the organized group's members, nearly 1.5 kg of the drug was found and seized.

A criminal investigation into the fact of organizing an illegal drug business was initiated, in which Bondarenko was involved as a defendant.

After being released on a recognizance not to leave the place, the defendant, trying to avoid a punishment for the committed crime, left Russia in March 2016 and was put on the wanted list through the Interpol channels.

As a result of operational activities, the police managed to identify and detain him in the territory of Lithuania.

Today, accompanied by officers of the MIA NCB of Interpol and the Russian FSIN the defendant was delivered to Moscow.

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