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Several facts of fictitious registration of foreigners were revealed by precinct police officers in Samara

Recently, when checking the area in their charge, precinct police officers recorded the fact that three foreign citizens had been registered according to their documents in a flat in a building located in the Krasnoglinsky District, while the housing had not been actually provided to the foreigners for living at the place of their registration. Based on the materials collected, the police established that the unemployed 41-year old flat owner without prior convictions had unlawfully registered foreign citizens in his flat not intending to provide the housing to them.

Similar cases were detected in another district of the regional center. The defendants in those criminal cases are two residents of the Sovetsky District – a man born in 1980 and a woman born in 1989. According to the policemen, they had fictitiously registered two foreigners. That fact was revealed in the course of the check performed by precinct police officers.

By now, the authorities have initiated criminal cases against the violators of the effective legislation based on essential elements of a crime stipulated by Article 322.3 “Fictitious registration of a foreign citizen or a stateless person at a place of residence in a living space in the Russian Federation” of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

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