Group of people who had blocked computer hardware and squeezed money for Russian MIA, FSB and Federal Bailiff Service was suppressed by Administration “K” of Russian MIA together with colleagues from Division “K” of Russian MIA General Administration for Volgograd Region

“Cases of using malicious scripts triggering pop-up windows and blocking normal web-browser operation became a focus of policemen's attention. The message in the pop-up said that a user's computer had been blocked by Russian law enforcement bodies for watching pornographic materials and that in order to continue the work a user was to pay a fine by transferring money to an anonymous account in a payment system,” said Russian MIA official representative Irina Volk.

As a result of the investigation and search operations, the police established that those offenses had been perpetrated by a 40-year old resident of Volgograd who had been hiding from law enforcement bodies in the Kingdom of Thailand and his cohabitant.

The police documented the defendants' unlawful activities and suppressed the channel of illicit enrichment, which made the criminal scheme organizer return to Russia. Upon arrival to Moscow, he was captured in the Domodedovo Airport.

The detained man admitted his guilt and voluntarily yielded the computer hardware, SIM cards, and bank cards he had used in his criminal activities.

A measure of restraint in the form of arrest was imposed on him and his accomplice. The police currently determine a scope of persons who have become the malefactors' victims.

Administration “K” of the Russian MIA notifies everyone that law enforcement bodies never block citizens' computers and mobile devices. All pop-up windows and messages on behalf of the Ministry demanding to pay a penalty allegedly for offenses committed in the Internet are caused by malware or compromised websites. Do not pay money to malefactors and use antivirus software.

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