Policemen in the Primorsky Territory found a large lot of parts of wild animals killed by poachers

As a result of investigative work performed, criminal investigators of the Division of the Russian MIA for the Chuguyevsky District found a large batch of parts of wild animals prepared for smuggling abroad.

In railway cars at the premises of a wood processing enterprise, the police detected 37 bags with sawdust that contained bear feet. In the course of the inspection, policemen confiscated 527 bear feet, a bear muzzle, bear gall bladders, and 3 musk deer glands.

Parts of wild animals confiscated by the police were forwarded for forensic biological examination to Vladivostok.

Pre-investigation check is currently being carried out. The police are establishing all circumstances of the affair, the damage caused to the state interests protected by law, and persons implicated in illegal poaching and smuggling of derivatives.

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