Police in Khabarovsk Territory referred a criminal case to the court against a boxing coach who had orchestrated a fraud with the travel documents

During the course of the detective work, the criminal investigation officers detained three local residents, who had been involved in a fraud with the travel documents.

The investigators of the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Investigative Administration of the Russian MIA revealed that a 62-year-old coach of the sports and health center had set up a group engaged in illegal activities in the city of Yunost. From December 2017 to April 2020, he and two other members of the group stole money belonging to the organization.

So, during the said period of time, the organizer determined the composition of the sports team for alleged participation in sports events. At the same time, the defendant knew in advance that they would not be leaving for an official trip. He then stole the cash advance intended for the travel expenses.

Besides, the suspect involved 46-year-old and 42-year-old local residents to carry out an illegal scheme for embezzlement. According to the roles assigned, the accomplice acting as an agent for booking and selling airline tickets, forged them with the names of false travelers. Another team member fabricated false invitations on behalf of various sports associations, as well as boarding passes, payment bills and invoices for travel document and hotel accommodation.

Thus, the organized group has committed embezzlement of the funds belonging to one of the city enterprises for a total amount of more than 27 million rubles.

Investigation of a criminal case on the grounds of offences stipulated by Article 159, Para 4 The Fraud, and Article 327, Para 4 The Forgery, Manufacture or Circulation of Forged Documents, State Awards, Stamps, Seals or Forms of the Russian Criminal Code, is now completed. The probe along with a confirmed indictment has been referred to the court for consideration on the merits. The maximum penalty of the article is an imprisonment term of up to two years.

For the suspects, there has been established a preventive measure in the form of the written undertaking not to leave the place and for a proper behavior.

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