MIA Investigative Administration of the Republic of Tuva has completed probe into exceeding official authority

Officers of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the MIA Investigative Administration of the Republic of Tuva has completed the probe into a criminal case against a 48-year-old woman born in Erzin village, who was accused of a crime stipulated Part 1 Article 286 “The Exceeding official authority” of the Russian Criminal Code.

An unlawful act was disclosed by the criminal investigation officers of the MIA Economic Security and Combating the Corruption (ES&CC) Department of the Republic of Tuva over the course of operational and investigative activities.

As determined during the probe, the suspect, while acting as an interim director for the municipal general secondary school of Moren village in the Erzin district, has committed unlawful acts being well beyond her official duties.

So, in May 2020, there was a contract concluded between the general secondary school of Moren village represented by the interim director and the contractor - a limited liability company represented by its director, for the refurbishment of the gymnasium of the before-mentioned educational institution.

However, the suspect failed to take adequate steps to arrange for the performance of the contract terms in a due time. The refurbishment activities, as specified in the certificates of acceptance for the work performed, have failed to be actually carried out in full and of proper quality.

Then, the suspect, without imposing a penalty on the contractor, and clearly exceeding her authority and wishing to conceal the fact that she had not performed her duties properly, in the absence of a legitimate budget implementation, has personally signed false certificates and documents prepared and provided by the LLC, as well as the payment documents, based on which a total of 472,813.95 rubles was illegally calculated.

In this way, the perpetrator, having created the imaginary appearance of the budget implementation, has illegally paid the contractor the cost of the de-facto unfinished refurbishment, thus causing the corresponding material damage to the budget in the before-mentioned amount.

The investigation is completed and the criminal case, with a confirmed indictment, is sent to court for consideration on the merits.

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