In Mordovia, Director of trade company was found guilty of fraud amounting to two million rubles

The evidence collected by the investigative unit of Police Division No. 3 of the MIA of Russia Administration for Saransk turned out to be sufficient to convict a 46-year-old local resident found guilty of committing a crime under part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Fraud”.

As established during the preliminary investigation, the crime was committed in 2015. Being at that time the director of an organization whose activities were related to electrical installation works and having numerous financial obligations and debts to individuals and legal entities, the man decided to borrow money from his friend.

Turning to the latter, he asked him for a loan of five hundred thousand rubles. Allegedly he needed the money for entrepreneurial activities. The victim gave him the necessary amount at 7% per month. At the same time, the defendant handed him a receipt in which he undertook to repay the debt after a few months. Subsequently, in order to give a look of legitimacy to his actions, he returned to the victim a part of the money in the amount of seventy thousand rubles as interest, after which he asked for another five hundred thousand rubles. To avoid suspicion, he again returned the promised interest to his friend. In early 2016, in an analogous way, he stole another one million rubles from the victim. Thus, the total amount of damage amounted to two million rubles.

The defendant partially admitted his guilt in the committed crime.

By court verdict considering the previously imposed punishment for non-payment of wages and committing fraud, he was finally sentenced to imprisonment for a period of 4 years with serving the sentence in a correctional colony of general regime.

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