New specialized unit, Tourist Police, has been created in Novosibirsk Region

“In Novosibirsk, on the eve of major international sports competitions - the Volleyball World Championship of 2022 and the Ice Hockey World Championship among youth teams of 2023 - the Tourist Police has been created.

The specialized platoon on the basis of the detached battalion of the police patrol service (PPS) of the MIA of Russia Administration for the city of Novosibirsk included officers of the regiment of the PPS and other units of the internal affairs bodies. Applicants were selected by a special commission after passing tests in physical and fire training. Personnel of the new unit will have to go through a training, including courses in psychology, foreign languages, and sign language.

Opening the ceremony of presenting certificates to tourist police officers, the Chief of the MIA of Russia GA for the Novosibirsk Region, Major-General of the Police Andrei Kulkov, noted that everyone present was associated with a new milestone in the history of the internal affairs bodies of the region: “You had the honor to become the first officers of the new special unit of the Novosibirsk police. It is a matter of great pride and responsibility. I wish you success in your studies and achievements in your new field!”

The GA Chief set tasks for the employees of the created unit to ensure the comfort and safety of citizens of other countries during their stay in the region, patrol pedestrian zones and advise foreign tourists.

The sphere of responsibility of the new police unit, in addition to supporting sports and festive mass events, will be the protection of public order on the territory of popular recreation areas for citizens and guests of the city, sports and cultural facilities. Employees of the tourist police will also assist vacationers in solving emerging issues,” said the official representative of the MIA of Russia Irina Volk.

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