MIA of Russia officers suppressed actions of scams who tried to steal more than 10 million rubles from candidate for State Duma of the VIII convocation

“Officers of the Main Directorate for Internal Security, of the MIA of Russia suppressed the activities of the group, whose members were suspected of fraud against large entrepreneurs and media personalities.
According to available information, the offenders developed a criminal scheme aimed at stealing money from wealthy citizens by deception, as well as at discrediting persons who ran for the State Duma of the VIII convocation.
Two of the accomplices were familiar with the leader of the social movement – a well-known entrepreneur. Taking advantage of the fact that the man had got registered as a candidate for the State Duma, the accomplices decided to compromise him.
They persuaded the victim to come to the city of Krasnodar under the pretext of an informal meeting with a large owner of agricultural lands, who allegedly planned to invest 20 million rubles in the election campaign of the candidate. The event was organized on August 23 in the restaurant of one of the hotels of the capital of Kuban. It was attended by an accomplice who, according to the scenario, was supposed to interview the businessman for the website of a social movement, and then play the role of a woman who was sexually abused.
During dinner, the scams actively poured alcohol to the guest’s wineglass and added an unidentified substance into it. When he felt ill, the woman-offender led him to his room, where she stayed for two and a half hours, and then left.
After some time, the men returned to the hotel and told the entrepreneur that the girl had made a statement to the police on the rape. In support of their words, one of the defendants presented the man with a video with her staged interrogation. At the same time, he promised to help resolve that problem by using his family ties with a high-ranking law enforcement officer, which he did not actually have. He estimated the cost of that service at 10 million rubles.
By that time, the businessman had already begun to recover and refused the dubious deal, but the offenders were not going to step back. On the same day, the pseudo victim visited the regional unit of the Investigative Committee of Russia and made a statement on a crime of rape allegedly committed against her. And the blackmail continued, with the requested amount increasing by another five million rubles.
Meanwhile, the criminal quartet came to the focus of attention of operatives of the Main Directorate for Internal Security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and all the four defendants were detained simultaneously at different addresses in the city of Krasnodar.
Investigator of the Investigation Department for the Krasnodar Territory of the Investigative Committee of Russia has instituted a criminal case on the grounds of a crime provided for by part 3 of Article 30, part 4 of Article 159 and part 3 of Article 306 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.
During the searches, certificates of employees of various organizations, as well as law enforcement agencies with signs of forgery, were found. In addition, documents that indicate to the involvement of other citizens in the illegal activities, and other items of evidentiary value for the criminal cases were seized.
There is reason to believe that the detainees could be involved in several dozen similar crimes committed in various regions of the Russian Federation,” said the official representative of the Russian MIA Irina Volk.

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