Criminal investigators of Tuva police solved theft from cellular communication salon causing damage of about 900 thousand rubles

The duty unit of the Kyzyl police received a statement of theft from the director of a network of cellular communication salons. She reported that at about 4 a.m., unknown persons had entered the sales office and had secretly stolen 14 expensive models of cell phones from the warehouse. The total damage caused to the organization amounted to 885,760 rubles.

Police officers arrived at the scene of the crime and found that the offenders had penetrated the store, by breaking the window frame. Police examined the footage from CCTVs installed in the trade hall and made an orientation on the suspects.

The Investigator of the MIA of Russia Administration for the city of Kyzyl instituted a criminal case on the grounds of the crime, provided for by paragraph “c” of part 3 of Article 158 of the Russian Criminal Code “Theft”.

As a result of the implemented complex of operational-search measures, the operatives of the criminal investigation department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Republic of Tyva and the MIA of Russia Administration for the city of Kyzyl established the identities of the two suspects and their whereabouts. They were residents of the city of Kyzyl and the village of Khandagayty born in 2002.

Police officers with the power support of the SOBR fighters of the Rosgvardia Directorate for the Republic of Tuva detained one suspect in Krasnoyarsk, and the second in Kyzyl.

Police found that the young people sold the stolen cell phones for 340 thousand rubles to an acquaintance who had previously owned a thrift store. As it turned out, this citizen currently lives in Abakan, where he resold smartphones to his friends, and handed over some of the phones to thrift stores in Kyzyl.

All the stolen mobile phones were seized during the investigation and attached to the materials of the criminal case as material evidence.

It is known that one of the detainees had already been brought to criminal liability for committing robbery and theft.

Placement to custody has been selected as the preventive measure against the suspects.

The investigation is on-going.

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