Young motorists from Russian regions met at auto all-around championship in capital of Bashkiria

In Ufa, the opening ceremony of the All-Russian Championship in youth all-around was held. This year, 140 young motorsportsmen from 29 regions of Russia take part in the competitions. The organizers of the competition were the Russian State Traffic Safety Inspectorate and the Federal Ministry of Education.

Participants of the competition are the strongest teams from Russian regions that have won similar competitions in their region. These are boys and girls aged from14 to 17 years who are trained in youth driving schools. Most of them are repeated winners of competitions at the level of regions of Russia, have extensive driving experience and excellent knowledge of the traffic rules.

During 3 competition days, teenagers will demonstrate their skills of high-speed figure maneuvering on cars and knowledge of the Rules of the Road. In addition, the program of the championship includes team competitions on automotive topics. The jury will evaluate every correct answer and every action: from the fastened seat belt to the manner of driving.

Chief State Inspector of Traffic Safety of the Russian Federation Mikhail Chernikov addressed the participants of the competition, noting that the geography of the competition was continuously expanding: this year teams from different regions of Russia - from the Far East and to the North Caucasus - participate in it.

The Chief of the Russian State Traffic Safety Inspectorate stressed that the issues of ensuring traffic safety, preserving the life and health of citizens are now considered at the highest state level. Particular attention is paid to the education of literate, disciplined road users. He also expressed confidence that the knowledge, skills and habits of safe behavior on the road, acquired by students of youth driving schools, will remain with them throughout their lives and will help them feel confident on the roads of the country.

Driving schools for youths are an important component in the system of continuous training of children in safe behavior on the road. Today in Russia there are more than 200 such driving schools, in which schoolchildren are taught the rules of safe driving. The main age of cadets is from 12 to 17 years.

Announcing the start of the championship in youth auto all-around, the honored guests of the opening ceremony noted that participation in such events gives children an opportunity not only to test their knowledge and skills, but also to visit other cities, regions and even countries, exchange experience with their peers, actively participate in socially significant actions and campaigns to promote road safety among children and adolescents.

In addition to competitions, the championship will become a platform for discussing topical problems of improving the safety of young traffic participants. Within the framework of the championship, a “round table” will be held in an online format, the participants of which will discuss the prospects for the development of youth automobile schools and centers for the prevention of children's road traffic injuries, their material and technical support, making the study in these organizations a popular trend among children and adolescents.

The round table will be attended by representatives of the MIA of Russia Main Directorate for Traffic Safety, the Ministry of Education of Russia, experts in the field of traffic safety, coaches of youth driving schools.

The names of the winners in the absolute, team and individual competitions will be announced on September 17. The best young motorsportsmen of the country will be awarded with cups, medals, diplomas and memorable gifts.

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