Police detained swindler who, using fake Internet page, collected money for treatment of fictional daughter in Irkutsk Region

“Officers of the MIA of Russia Inter-District Administration “Irkutskoye” suppressed the illegal activities of a 40- year-old resident of the Chunsky District, suspected of a series of frauds committed with the use of social networks.

According to available information, the malefactor positioned herself on the Internet as a young woman with attractive appearance. On dating sites, she created fake pages on which she posted photos of another person - a pretty girl - and entered into correspondence with single men. After some time, the scam informed her new friends that she had a small seriously ill daughter from her first marriage, and unobtrusively asked to borrow money for treatment. After receiving financial assistance, the woman stopped communicating and deleted her accounts.

Using that criminal scheme, within two years she deceived several residents of the Irkutsk, Astrakhan, Chita and Kaluga regions. The total damage caused to them exceeded 1.5 million rubles.

Criminal cases were instituted on the grounds of a crime stipulated by Article 159 of the RF Criminal Code.

As a result of operative-search measures, the Police detained the suspect. During the searches at the address of her residence, bank and SIM cards, cell phones, a laptop and other items of evidentiary value for the criminal cases were seized. In addition, it was established that the suspect had no minor children.

A house arrest was selected as the preventive measure for the detainee. The preliminary investigation continues,” said the Spokesperson for the Russian MIA Irina Volk.

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