Traffic Police summed up the results of the nationwide preventive operations "Children and transport"

As part of the efforts of preventing traffic accidents and child injuries on objects of railway transport, MIA subdivisions on transport at the end of August and in September of this year conducted an all-Russian preventive operation "Children and transport', which was attended by more than 1.8 thousand employees of MIA subdivisions on transport, more than 600 representatives of JSC" Russian Railways" and departmental security, as well as by more than 500 employees of private security organizations.

There were conducted more than 1.9 thousand preventive raids, of which more than 800 at railway stations and platforms, 575 on the railway spans, more than 300 on the suburban trains and 177 on long-distance trains.

The staff of the MIA subdivisions on transport together with local police divisions held more than 2.6 thousand discussions and lectures in educational institutions,  adjacent to transport objects. In addition, there were held actions aimed at explaining the rules of conduct at railway transport objects and the responsibility for committing traffic offenses.

To the internal affairs units on transport there were delivered more than 1,400 underage, including 279 homeless adolescents, 1163 - for administrative offenses, 33 - for crimes.

Special attention was given to the issue of  identification of underage who commit offenses that threaten the safety of trains.

Altogether during the operation, there were registered 33 cases of unauthorized interference into safe operation of railway transport, including 9 cases of the imposition of different objects on the rails, 6 cases of damage to the means of signalization, centralization, blocking and communication, and 17 cases of damaging car equipment and whipping windows in trains.

In addition, employees of Transport Police in cooperation with the railroad staff found more than 10 adult persons engaged in "trainsurfing" and 5 - "graffittist."

As a result of the commission checks of the most dangerous areas of railways, there were revealed such widespread violations as unauthorized crossings of the railroad tracks, inappropriate state of notices and posters warning of the dangers of walking on railroad tracks. On these facts there were sent to the concerned authorities  ​​more than 1.1 thousand presentations and information messages on eliminating the causes and conditions contributing to homelessness, transport offenses and injuries.

The efforts of preventing accidents and child injuries on railway transport objects are taken by the MIA transport police on the continuous basis. Preventive actions aimed at the prevention of traffic offenses and injuries of underage will continue during the autumn and winter school holidays.

Press-Service of the MIA of Russia General Administration for Transport Safety

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