At the beginning of the school year thousands of school pupils attended classes on the bus-simulator "School of Road Safety"

In early September the bus-simulator "School of Road Safety" went to the Russian regions to hold lessons on road safety rules for children. A major stop on the route of the bus was the Federal Children's Center "Smena" in Anapa, hosting the Interstate rally of young traffic inspectors. The classes on the bus were attended not only by participants of the rally of young traffic inspectors - children from Russian regions and CIS countries - but also all other schoolchildren staying during this period in "Smena". In total, during this stay at the Federal Children's Center the "School of Road Safety" was attended by more than 2 thousand children.

Along its route,  the bus also visited such cities as Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, Armavir, Nalchik, Vladikavkaz, Volgograd, Saratov and Tambov. The bus-simulator demonstrates the effect of safety belts at a collision or sudden stop - for this the bus is equipped with a special system simulating the separation of seats. Also, the bus is equipped with a smoke generator to simulate the smoke inside the cabin and the necessary visual aids and multimedia equipment for demonstration of training films. Such visual sessions conducted in the form of a game, are very popular with school-children.

In many cities, the visit of the bus-simulator became an occasion for mass events  on road safety for children. Thus, in Nalchik, which was visited by the bus the very first, on the main and largest square of the city on that day there gathered schoolchildren from all the districts of the republic. Kids were able to feel the effects and effectiveness of seat belts in a crash or at a sudden stop, but also to take part in competitions and quizzes on road safety, as well as to visit the exhibition of special equipment of various emergency services.

In Tambov, the classes in the specialized bus took place on the basis of the new school, which will soon host an international conference on healthy lifestyle formation. One of the key topics of the conference - the protection of life and health of road users, especially children and the prevention of road traffic injuries. Such methods of teaching children the rules of safe behavior  on the road and in the passenger transport vehicles will be a separate topic for discussion at the upcoming conference.

The specialized bus "School of Road Safety" remains today an unique tool for teaching children the basics of road rules literacy and promoting the use of seat belts. In late September,  participants of the International Congress "Road Safety for the Safety of Life" in St. Petersburg will be able to get acquainted with the work of the bus-simulator.

Press-Service of the MIA of Russia General Administration for Traffic Safety 

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