In the Volgograd Region the Police found the missing pupil

During the night the MIA Intermunicipal Division "Ilovlinsky" was contacted by a local resident. The woman reported that her nine-year old son, a pupil of the 3rd form left home that day and did not return yet. He had no money, or a cellular phone with him.

The personnel of the police division was alerted. There were formed working groups, which included dogs and dog-handlers. Also, the descriptions of the child were sent to all police crews and patrols on service in Ilovlinsky and neighboring districts. The police checked all the places of the pupil's possible stay. His relatives, friends and neighbors were interviewed.

Twenty four hours later the schoolboy  was found in one of the forests located near the town of Ilovlya. The boy was found by juvenile inspectors and operatives. According to preliminary reports, the boy  lost his way. The life and health of the schoolboy is no danger.

Press-Service of the MIA General Administration for the Volgograd Region

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