The parents of a serviceman of the MIA Internal Troops were given for keeping the Order of Courage

The secondary school No 2 of the village of Upper Tatyshly (Republic of Bashkortostan) held a ceremony of transferring for keeping the Order of Courage to parents of Corporal Aydar Lutfullin, a servicemen of the MIA Internal Troops, who was killed at the performance of his combat tasks.

The ceremony was attended by the head of the administration of the Tatyshlinsky Municipal District Rushan Garayev, head of the village council of the Verhnetatyshlinsky rural settlement  Ramil Yamilev, representatives of the military commissariat, Sub-division of Internal Affairs, the Council of Veterans of the Tatyshlinsky District and the historical museum of the Tatyshlinsky District.

In a solemn ceremony the Deputy Commander for arms  of a special forces team of the MIA Internal Troops  Colonel Vyacheslav Savchenko handed the combat award to the serviceman's father - Firdinat Lutfullin.

To commemorate Aidar, a memorial plaque was installed on the wall of the school, his name is carved on a granite obelisk of the Memorial of Glory to soldiers who died for their homeland, one of the streets of the district center is named after him, and in the future it is planned to organize a sports tournament of his name.

Corporal Aidar Lutfullin served in a special force team of the MIA Internal Troops (Armavir, the Krasnodar Territory). On June 20, 2013 as part of a group he participated in a special operation to eliminate illegal armed groups. During the combat the bandits were killed, but they managed to lay an improvised explosive device. When the servicemen were returning to the place of deployment the bomb worked. Comrades provided first aid to Aydar, called a helicopter to evacuate him and on their hands carried him out of the danger zone, but the wound was too heavy.

Corporal Aidar Lutfullin was awarded the insignia of MIA Special Forces  - a maroon beret and the Order of Courage (posthumously).

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