In the Krasnoyarsk Territory a service and investigation dog helped in solving a series of robberies

In Zheleznogorsk of the Krasnoyarsk Territory the Police solved two robberies with the help of service and investigation dog called Bagheera.

The Police received reports that robberies of two old women were committed. The attacker snatched from the hands of one of the victims, a 75-year-old woman, her purse with money. The second victim, an elderly woman born in 1932, whose handbag the attacker seized the same way a few hours later, remembered the features of the young man.

Officers of the investigation group with a service investigation dog arrived to the scene. Having surveyed the scene, the dog quickly got on the trail of the suspect. The attacker, a 30-year-old previously convicted man, was detained by the Police.

Currently, a criminal case under  the "Theft" article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation has been initiated against the suspect.

Press-Service of the MIA General Administration for the Krasnoyarsk Territory

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