Investigation of criminal case of Internet fraud completed in Primorsky Territory

The investigative unit of the Investigative Department of the Internal Affairs Administration for the city of Vladivostok completed the preliminary investigation of the criminal case against a 28-year-old resident of the Khabarovsk Territory. She is accused of fraud committed on a large scale.

The crime was identified by officers of the division for combating crimes of general criminal character, committed with the use of information and telecommunication technologies of the Criminal Investigation Department of the MIA Administration for the Primorsky Territory.

The investigation found that the defendant of the criminal case, living in the Khabarovsk Territory, decided to earn some easy money. The woman, on the ads websites of the Primorsky Territory, published information 'about the sale of thoroughbred puppies and kittens. To prove the existence of the animals, she sent to potential buyers the photos found on social networks. She then persuaded the victims to transfer the prepayment to her card, then removed the ads and spent the proceeds at her discretion.

During the search and special technical activities, the police identified and located the offender. Currently the involvement of the suspect in 36 episodes of fraud has been established. The illegal actions of the resident of the Khabarovsk Territory resulted in material damage amounting to more than 250,000 rubles.

The police found that the offender lived in the Khabarovsk Territory and had previously been prosecuted for a similar crime. During the interrogation, she explained to the investigator that she had not been too much pressed for money, despite the fact that she and her husband were raising five young children. She did not repent, and explained her actions by the possibility of easy earnings.

The investigation unit of the Investigative Department of the MIA of Russia Administration for the city of Vladivostok instituted a criminal case against the easy-money lover on the crime stipulated by part 2 of Article 159 of the Russian Criminal Code). With respect to the suspect a preventive measure has been chosen in the form of a recognizance of non-exit and proper conduct. During the investigation, the evidence base proving the defendant's involvement in the commission of crimes was collected.

The preliminary investigation is completed. The criminal case with the indictment approved by the prosecutor has been submitted to the Khabarovsky District Court of the Khabarovsk Territory for consideration on the merits.

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