Members of group of drug-dealers will stand trial in Irkutsk Region

The investigation unit of the GA of Investigation of the MIA of Russia GA for the Irkutsk Region sent to court a criminal case against the group members accused of selling heroin.

According to the investigation, the 38-year-old leader, possessing a wealth of criminal experience, together with his parents, who had previously been prosecuted for crimes related to drug trafficking, and his wife organized an extensive organized network for the sale of heroin in the territory of the regional center. The drug business was clearly structured and the roles of the participants were clearly distributed. Each of them performed a strictly defined function: from receiving a wholesale batch and repacking to subsequent sale. In order to expand the range of buyers, the illegal scheme involved drug addicts with extensive connections among consumers of prohibited drugs. Visual contact with accomplices acting as distributors was excluded, and interaction was conducted only through text messages. Small volumes of goods were placed in a cache, and the settlement took place exclusively in a cashless form. The final sale was carried out from hand to hand.

In the summer of 2020, one of the couriers-sellers was detained by Drug Control officers of the MIA of Russia Inter-Municipal Administration “Irkutskoye”. Subsequently, detectives managed to identify the organizer. Several phones and bank cards were seized during a search of his residence. With his relatives - co-organizers the police found more than half a kilo of heroin, part of which was packaged in bundles and ready for sale.

For the period of the investigation, three of the most active members of the group were arrested by court order.

At the moment, the criminal case, provided for by part 4 of Article 228.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, has been sent to the Kuibyshevsky District Court of the city of Irkutsk for consideration on the merits.

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