Vladimir Kolokoltsev introduced new chief of MIA of Russia Administration for Trans-Baikal Territory

“Today, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, General of the Police of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltsev, in a video conference mode, introduced the new chief, Colonel of the Police Vyacheslav Yegovtsev, to the personnel of the MIA of Russia Administration for the Trans-Baikal Territory.

The head of the Agency noted that the main part of Vyacheslav Yegovtsev's work biography was associated with the fight against economic crime, where he accumulated a lot of practical and managerial experience. In addition, the newly appointed Chief worked for a long time in a division for combating organized crime, was engaged in operational search activities in the Perm Territory. For 17 years, he held commanding positions in the regional GA and for the last two years he was Deputy Chief of Police.

The Minister drew attention to the fact that now Vyacheslav Yegovtsev had to solve the whole range of tasks to ensure public order, protect the population from crimes and other offenses.

“According to the results of last year, the level of trust in the police in the Trans-Baikal Territory has markedly increased. This is largely the result of an improvement in the operational situation by a number of indicators. I mean that it includes the reduction in the number of crimes, including grave and especially grave crimes and infringements on the property rights of citizens. Much work has been done in the sphere of crime prevention,” Vladimir Kolokoltsev said.

The head of the Russian MIA demanded that Vyacheslav Yegovtsev took a more systematic approach to the prevention of deviant behavior among minors, as well as to stepping up efforts in a number of other areas: “First of all, it is about improving the effectiveness of identifying the perpetrators, including those who have committed crimes using computer and telecommunications technologies. This is the only type of crime that has increased significantly over the past year. It is due to a sharp increase in the number of frauds, including in the telecommunications sphere, that we have a general increase in grave crime. Investigation of criminal cases of the past years must be kept under control. Operational and investigative measures should not stop after a procedural decision to suspend the preliminary investigation”.

In addition, the fight against organized crime and drug trafficking remains an urgent task. It is necessary to strengthen positions in the field of combating economic crime and corruption.

“The Trans-Baikal Territory is rich in forest resources. The fight against illegal timber harvesting and smuggling is of fundamental importance in the region. And not only in this region, in the whole country, as the President of the Russian Federation has repeatedly stressed. Issues of suppression of encroachments related to taxation, financial and credit system and of those in the sphere of defense-industrial complex remain on the agenda. One of the priorities is to improve the quality of the preliminary investigation and inquiry. The rights and legitimate interests of both victims and defendants depend on it,” stressed Vladimir Kolokoltsev.

The Minister praised the personnel potential of the Trans Baikal police and wished Vyacheslav Yegovtsev with the entire team to do everything necessary for protecting law and order in the constituent entity at a proper level.

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