In Kurgan Region thanks to gardener’s vigilance thieves of metal items from garden plots were detained

A report on two suspicious men pulling scrap metal from a garden plot was received the day before by the duty-unit of the MIA of Russia Division for the Ketovsky District.  Passing the information to the police, the gardener tried to find out from the offenders why they collected metal items on the outskirts of the garden association.  The scared criminals fled in an unknown direction.

The police officers who arrived on the scene found out that the offenders had visited three garden plots belonging to pensioners.  They stole in total more than 350 kilograms of metal scrap.

The vigilante gardener described to police the appearance of the suspects and the direction in which they fled.  Service dog named Pete, who had a number of solved thefts on his record theft, immediately took the trail and led the police to a settlement. As a results of operational search activities of criminal investigation officers, on the same day, two residents of the city of Kurgan were detained on suspicion of the theft.  It was established that previously they had been prosecuted several times, including for property crimes.  The stolen metal was seized by the police and returned to the owners.

Based on those facts the Investigation Division of the MIA of Russia Division for the Ketovsky District initiated a criminal case on the grounds of an offense under part 2 of Article 158 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Theft”. The maximum penalty under this article -  imprisonment for up to five years. One of the suspects has been subjected to a restraining order in the form of a recognizance of non-exit and proper conduct, while the second has been detained under article 91 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation.

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