Investigation of fraud criminal case was completed in Kaliningrad Region

Investigation Division of the MIA of Russia Administration for the Guryevsky District has completed the investigation of the criminal case against a 40-year-old individual entrepreneur charged with committing fraud on an especially large scale. As it was established during the investigation, the offender had taken money to build a mansion, but did not fulfill his obligations.

The 58-year-old victim accidentally met her future abuser in one of the multi-functional centers, where she had been registering a plot of land. While waiting in the queue, the man found out that the MFC visitor was planning to build a house, and offered his services. After agreeing on the price, the woman gave the builder more than one million rubles and waited for the start of work.

The construction really began: the entrepreneur drove an excavator to the site, dug a hole, and then even laid concrete slabs on the road so that it would be more convenient for the machines to reach the construction site. However, as it turned out later, the construction work ended there. The landowner again and again asked the “developer” to complete the construction, but he just came up with various excuses why it was not possible to continue the construction of the mansion.

The victim turned to the police, the precinct police officers got engaged in the check. The police found witnesses, including the excavator-driver who had dug the pit, seized documents and took other measures. As a result, evidence of the illegal activities of the pseudo-builder was collected. The construction and technical examination established that the cost of the work that the defendant had carried out on the site did not exceed 100 thousand rubles.

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