In Penza, verdict was passed on resident of Saratov Region who had stolen more than 20 million rubles from ATMs

In Penza, a verdict was passed on a resident of the Saratov Region, who was found guilty of stealing more than 20 million rubles from two ATMs in Penza. The crime was committed in April 2020. Three days later, the offender was detained by officers of the Division for Combating Organized Crime of the Criminal Investigation Department of the MIA of Russia Administration for the Penza Region.

It was established that this citizen had previously carried out labor activities related to the maintenance of payment terminals, including ATMs, and knew their design well. The offender prepared for the crime in advance. To change his appearance, he used a realistic latex mask with the appearance of an elderly man, which he acquired over the Internet, as well as uniforms and accessories of a collection service employee. In addition, the defendant sewed a special bag to fit the ATM cash cassettes. For conspiracy when moving around in his private car, he used forged state registration plates installed on a car of a similar model and color, which belonged to a resident of Tambov who knew nothing about the criminal activities of the offender.

A month before the crime, the resident of Saratov came to Penza to select ATMs, from which he subsequently stole cash. He chose devices for receiving and issuing funds located in shopping centers on Austrin Street and Stroiteley Avenue.

On April 7, 2020, the defendant, having changed his appearance and dressed as a cash collector, proceeded to the ATMs in the daytime. With the help of a special key, he opened the ATMs and, under the guise of their maintenance, removed the cassettes with cash, put them in his bag and left.

During the operational-search activities the Police identified the offender and detained him on the night of April 10-11. The police found and seized the stolen money in a cache that the defendant had equipped on the technical floor of the apartment building where he lived.

The Oktyabrsky District Court of Penza sentenced the defendant to 4 years in prison in a general regime colony with restraint of liberty for a period of 6 months. The car, which was used by the offender to commit the crime, has been foreclosed to the state revenue.

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