Single voting day ended without public order violations

Officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, in cooperation with representatives of other law enforcement agencies and public associations, fully ensured the security during the preparation and holding of the Single Voting Day. Elections to government bodies of various levels were held in 83 constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

On September 13, over 134 thousand officers of the internal affairs bodies, as well as the Rosgvardia military personnel, employees of private security organizations, and representatives of public formations were involved in the protection of law and order at polling stations.

Thanks to the coordinated actions of all law enforcement agencies, violations that could affect the election results were not allowed.  At the end of the voting, the police will ensure the security during the transportation of election documents to the territorial election commissions and will continue their work until the end of votes counting.

All police officers who were at service on the Single Election Day were given the opportunity to exercise their electoral rights, including remote voting.

The heads of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation and territorial election commissions thanked the leadership and personnel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for their cooperation and great work done to ensure conditions for the safe expression of the will of citizens.

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