MIA of Russia has prepared new version of administrative regulations on holding exams for right to drive vehicles

The Russian MIA developed a draft Administrative Regulation for the provision of public services of holding exams for the right to drive vehicles and for issuing driver's licenses.

The draft regulation provides for the procedures of holding a practical exam on cars, trucks, buses and trailer vehicles exclusively in real traffic. Recall, that in accordance with the changes that come into force on April 1, 2021, the test of basic driving skills in closed areas in the format of a separate exam will not take place.

The draft Administrative Regulation corrects the list of errors and violations, for which, as before, penalty points are accrued. Errors and violations are divided into subgroups of one, two or three penalty points. At the same time, gross mistakes, which if committed immediately stop the exam, are placed in a separate block.

To obtain a positive assessment, a candidate driver must demonstrate the skills of safe driving in real traffic environment, while getting, as before, less than 5 penalty points.

The practical examination in motor vehicles has not changed significantly, but some exercises have been modified based on the practical experience of holding the examination. For example, the draft Regulation provides for a new scheme of the “Dimensional Eight” exercise for a more objective assessment of the skill of maneuvering in a confined space - a candidate driver will be asked to drive along a given trajectory shaped as an “eight” within the dimensional corridor bounded by lines and cones.

The draft Administrative Regulation provides for the optimization of some administrative procedures.

One of these innovations is a change in the format of submitting an application - when directly applying to the examination unit, the applicant will only need to submit a set of documents, and a proper official will draw up and print the application and transfer it to the applicant for signing. Thus, the applicant will no longer have to fill out an application on his own, which will exclude possible errors and misprints made when filling it out, as well as the imposition by commercial organizations of services of applications filling out. This innovation is provided only for applications submitted at personal contact with the unit. The format for submitting applications through the Unified Portal of Public Services and multifunctional centers remains unchanged.

The procedure for obtaining a statement on getting a driver's license is being introduced. Often, such statements are necessary for employment as a driver or to replace a driver's license abroad. Such a statement can be issued to the owner of the driver's license or his legal representative.

To reduce the time for issuing a driver's license through multifunctional centers, the draft Regulation provides for the possibility of transmitting an application and scanned images of documents in electronic form using a system of interdepartmental information interaction.

The draft Administrative Regulation also establishes procedures for canceling examination results. Recall, that the amendments to the Rules for holding exams for the right to drive vehicles and issuing driving licenses, which come into force on April 1, 2021, provide for the cancellation of exam results when a complaint of a candidate driver is satisfied, when the submitted documents are found to be fake or when the issuance of a foreign driver's license has not  been confirmed when exchanging it, as well as in the case of holding an exam in violation of the requirements of the aforementioned Rules.

In this regard, in order to increase the objectivity of the consideration of complaints against the examiner's decision, the draft Regulation provides for their consideration by a commission consisting of at least three authorized officials. In case of satisfaction of the complaint, the decision of this commission will be the basis for canceling the result of the exam.

There are also procedures for cancellation of driving licenses. One of the reasons for this is the receipt of information about the death of the driver's license owner - in this case, the relevant information will be entered into the database of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate within 10 working days, including in an automated mode.

The entry into force of the draft Administrative Regulation is scheduled for April 1, 2021, when the amendments to the Rules for holding exams for the right to drive vehicles and the issuance of driving licenses will come into force.

Currently, the draft Administrative Regulation is going through a public discussion procedure on the Federal Portal of Draft Normative Legal Acts.

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