Criminal case on theft of diesel fuel was sent to court in Kazan

The Investigation Division of the Kazan Linear Administration on Transport of the MIA of Russia has completed the investigation of a criminal case against six employees of a transport organization who were engaged in theft of diesel fuel.

In March 2019, during search operations, the defendants were detained by officers of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Linear Administration. Six local residents stole fuel from diesel locomotives located on various railway tracks of Shemordan station, located on the territory of the Sabinsky Municipal District of the Republic of Tatarstan.

It was found that the thefts of diesel fuel were committed during work shifts of the offenders, by creating its unaccounted for surplus during trips. For those purposes, one of the defendants, on account of his own funds, purchased in advance canisters and other equipment necessary for the pouring out, transportation and temporary storage of the stolen diesel fuel. Other participants informed the organizer of the availability of a certain amount of diesel fuel saved in the locomotive fuel tanks at their disposal. After that, he arrived at the place of the theft and carried out the pumping out of diesel fuel from the fuel tanks of diesel locomotives, and then took the stolen fuel away for its subsequent sale.

The Investigation unit of the Kazan Linear Administration on Transport of the MIA of Russia instituted criminal proceedings on features of a crime under paragraph “a” of part 4 of Art. 158 of the Russian Criminal Code “Theft”. During the investigation, it turned possible to prove the involvement of the defendants in 28 facts of theft. In total, they stole 3,500 liters of fuel, causing a damage to the owner in the amount of 137,815 rubles.

Currently, the criminal case has been sent to the Sabinskiy District Court of the Republic of Tatarstan for consideration on the merits.

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