The MIA Writers Studio has turned 15

On March 16, 1999 a writers studio was created in the structure of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. It was headed by a veteran journalist and writer Police Colonel Leonid Golovnev.

 They started from a clean sheet: HR recruitment, concept development, creative process organization - all these tasks fell on the shoulders of a small team. The main task set for the studio by the Ministry was assisting the creation of highly artistic works devoted to the activities of internal affairs bodies and internal troops, assisting the fostering of personnel on heroic traditions, summarizing the positive experience of specialists for the purpose of strengthening the rule of law and forming an objective public opinion about people in uniform.

 To this end there has been developed a project "Militia Chronicle", the implementation of which involved prominent writers and journalists. Within the frame of this project, there have been published ten documentary - fiction books about heroism: "Generals of hotspots", "On a knife-edge", "Order for neutralization", "Crime has no nationality", "Chechen scar", "Chechen burst", "Hot Summer in Gudermes", "Barrier to terrorism" and others.

In recent years there have been published two large volumes of a fundamental book "Heroes of Russia" and "Heroes of the Fatherland", that narrate about Heroes of the Soviet Union and Heroes of the Russian Federation - employees of internal affairs bodies and internal troops. There were published as well five volumes of the book "Forever in the MIA ranks " about the people who died in the fight against crime and who are forever enrolled in the lists of personnel of the Internal Affairs and Internal Troops.

For fourteen years the MIA Writers Studio was headed by Leonid Golovnev. During this time, the creative team with his participation issued more than 120 books, including those devoted to the experience of leading services: of criminal investigation, public order, special forces, etc. A number of books present the best regional teams of the internal affairs bodies. "The Militia of Russian capital", "Our common position - Kuban", "The Kursk Militia in facts and figures", "The Kurgan shield", "Siberian heroes" and others.

Widespread popularity has been gained by the book , "And we fight for the childhood" which tells about the prevention of delinquency among children and adolescents.

Today the course of Leonid Golovnev is continued by the deputy chief of this creative unit Dmitry Zhukov. The Writers Studio of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs uses all the available literary and artistic tools in its growing efforts aimed at strengthening the prestige of service in the police. Last year, there was published a book "Good Word", which presents poetry and prose of police officers and servicemen of internal troops about honor, valor, courage and love. Readers praised high the edition "Knights of courage" devoted to persons who were awarded three or four Orders of Courage. There are also interesting works on the history of the Police. Three books will see the light this year: literary and art book, a book on the history of the Soviet Militia and on the results of "Sochi-2014" Olympics.

The MIA Writers Studio celebrates its 15th anniversary. Novels, novellas, short stories, essays and poems, issued by the creative team not only found their discerning reader, but also become active assistants in the education of young police officers called to protect the rights and legitimate interests of citizens.


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