Members of an organized group, suspected of committing a series of thefts were detained in the Smolensk Region

In Vyazma the police detained a group of four people suspected of committing a series of thefts from stores.

Two suspects were detained by Criminal Investigation officers immediately after a theft from a shop in the Ugra District. The malefactors were returning from the scene of the crime in two cars with stolen goods. Soon after that, the police detained their two accomplices. The suspects are local residents without previous convictions.

The crimes were committed by the malefactors in the period from December 2013 to March 2014. According to preliminary data, they are involved, in total, in 15 thefts. The malefactors at night time broke the doors or made holes in the walls of stores located in the territory of Vyazma, Ugra, Sychevsk, Novoduginsk and Duhovschinsky districts, penetrated into the premises and stole alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, food, household chemicals, office equipment and other goods.

The stolen goods were transported by cars to Vyazma, kept in homes, garages and cottages and used for personal needs. During the searches a significant portion of the stolen goods was found.

The issue of selecting a preventive measure with regard to the suspect is being considered.

Press-Service of the MIA Administration for the Smolensk Region



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