Religious organizations and law enforcement agencies: joint efforts in fostering patriotism

Mufti Fanus Salimgareev, a Member of the Public Council with the MIA Administration for the Republic of Mari El, and Tarifzyan Mavlyalyutdinov Imam-Khatyb of settlement Morki met with the staff of the Traffic Police detached battalion of the MIA Administration for the Republic of Mari El.

 Fanus Salimgareev told the policemen about the basics of Islam and its traditions, moral and ethical standards of the Muslims. The Mufti has noted that a policeman on duty faces every day the ugliest features of the human society. Representatives of the Muslim world are always ready to help the police in their spiritual rehabilitation, to share their experience so that they served with dignity and honesty, courageously enduring all the difficulties. Fanus Salimgareev reminded the participants of the meeting about the need to show respect and tolerance for people: "Any man can stray from the right path, so never condemn others categorically and do not decide for others. And most importantly - stay human in any situation."

 Imam-Khatib Tarifzyan Mavlyalyutdinov emphasized the value ​​of human life and health. He stressed that the police should strive to help the needy, without forgetting those who need support, he called to live righteously and honestly, "because it is spiritual purity rather than wealth and position in society that adorns a man."

 After the meeting, representatives of Islam noted that multinational and multi-confessional character of the country is not an obstacle to cooperation of law enforcement agencies with religions of the peoples of Russia. Traditional religions always find a common language with each other, as they are the heart of peoples peacefully coexisting for centuries who have common interests and one Fatherland. Religion - is a powerful tool of fostering patriotism and fidelity. Therefore, representatives of Islam are always ready to help law enforcement agencies in ensuring the safety of citizens and fostering the spirituality.

 MIA Press-Service for the Republic of Mari El


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