Police of South-Western District of Moscow suppressed activities of financial pyramid

“The operatives of the Division for Economic Security and Combating the Corruption of the Internal Affairs Administration for the South-Western Administrative District of the MIA of Russia GA for Moscow suppressed the unlawful activities of a group, whose members were accused of fraud committed on especially large-scale.

The police received a number of complaints from citizens who said they had become victims of swindlers. The victims as equity holders in money loan deals entered into agreements with a financial and credit organization located on the Leninsky Prospekt. Initially, interest on investments was paid to them, but after the expiration of the contract, the offenders proposed to conclude a similar agreement, but with a different organization. Subsequently, payments were stopped.

Criminal proceedings were instituted on the grounds of crimes provided for in Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which were subsequently merged into one proceeding.

As a result of operational-search activities the police detained four suspects at places of their residence in Moscow and the Moscow Region.

It was established that a resident of the capital, with the aim of stealing funds of citizens, created a credit and consumer cooperative that was widely advertised on the Internet. In reality, that organization did not have an appropriate license. Nevertheless, the victims were promised high interest rates, but in reality they received income only on account of the contributions of new investors.

According to preliminary data, more than 250 people suffered as a result of the illegal activities. The total damage exceeded 300 million rubles.

During searches at the accomplices' places of residence, as well as in office premises, server equipment with electronic databases, primary accounting documents, lists of depositors with amounts of funds raised, and draft records were seized.

Currently, three of the defendants are in custody, with regard to a 32 years-old suspect, a preventive measure in the form of a written undertaking not to leave the place and proper behavior was chosen. The preliminary investigation continues,” said the official spokesperson for the Russian MIA Irina Volk.

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