Police completed investigation of criminal case on fact of illegal forest felling in Novosibirsk Region

An investigator of the MIA of Russia Division for the city of Berdsk completed the investigation of a criminal case on the facts of illegal logging in the Suzunskoye Forestry (part 3 of Article 260 of the Russian Criminal Code). 

During the preliminary investigation, it was established that between May and October 2019, six residents of the working settlement of Suzun, Novosibirsk Region, born in 1970 - 1993, as part of an organized group, on the territory of the Suzunskoye Forestry illegally felled trees (pines) and subsequently sold them. 

Defendants with experience of work in the forestry industry independently cut down, removed and processed trees using several cars and trucks, a caterpillar tractor with equipment for skidding trees, and chainsaws. The offenders also rented a sawmill for wood processing. 

The group was headed by a previously convicted man born in 1972. He organized the illegal logging, transportation and marketing of timber using fictitious documents, as well as receiving cash payments for it. For the organizer and two other defendants the court selected a measure of restraint in the form of remand in custody, one member of the group was placed under house arrest, two are under recognizance not to leave. 

In total, during the investigation 13 episodes of criminal activity with a damage of over 29.6 million rubles were established and documented. 

All the suspects have been indicted. The Criminal case with the indictment approved by the Prosecutor's Office was sent to court.

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