In Kaluga, local resident was found guilty by a court of acquiring and storing unmarked tobacco products intended for sale

The specialized investigative division of the MIA of Russia Administration for the city of Kaluga established the circumstances of the acquisition and storage of unmarked tobacco products by a local resident.

According to investigators, a 37-year-old woman from Kaluga purchased tobacco products without excise stamps for the purpose of further sale. The woman put up these products for sale at her retail outlets.

During the investigation, police officers seized more than 5 thousand packs of foreign-made cigarettes for a total of about 187 thousand rubles from four trade outlets located in various districts of the regional center.

As a result, the defendant was charged with a crime under part 5 of Article 171.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Acquisition and storage for marketing of unmarked tobacco products subject to marking with special (excise) stamps on a large scale”.

The criminal case was sent to the Kaluzhsky District Court for consideration.

By a court decision, the defendant was sentenced to a criminal law measure in the form of a court fine of 100 thousand rubles.

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