For June 1, MIA of Russia prepared video on rescuing children

For the International Children's Day the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia prepared a video about police officers who had saved children in trouble.

Police precinct officers and traffic police inspectors, operatives and staff of the Police Patrol Service -  thanks to them, children from different parts of our country can now celebrate their second birthday. The video sounds touching words of gratitude from parents whose sons and daughters have been on the verge of life and death. It tells how officers of the department carried children out of the fire in Saratov and the Ivanovo Region, delivered the girl with an asthma attack to a Kazan hospital, rescued a drowning child in the Arkhangelsk Region, and pulled schoolchildren out of a ravine in Dagestan.

Officers of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs are often the first to come to the rescue of those who find themselves in an emergency situation. They risk themselves to save others. Especially when small and defenseless are in danger. And the main reward for the courage of the police is the most precious thing on earth - the life of a child.

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