Local resident who organized a drug den in her apartment has been prosecuted in Kemerovo Region

Police precinct officer of the MIA of Russia Division for Mezhdurechensk received information from residents of a multi-storey building on the Vesennyaya Street that drug addicts regularly gathered in one of the apartments and used prohibited substances. The police conducted a check, which resulted in the detention of the 39-year-old owner of the apartment, as well as her three guests aged 42, 40 and 39. During an inspection in one of the rooms, police officers found and seized 7 syringes, some of which were with the remains of a narcotic substance, and utensils for using drugs.

The police precinct officers found out that the landlady regularly provided her apartment to drug addicts for the use of prohibited substances. A medical examination showed that all her guests at the time of detention were drug intoxicated. Police officers drew up an administrative protocol for each of them under part 1 of Article 6.9 of the Administrative Procedure Code of the Russian Federation “Use of narcotic drugs without a doctor’s prescription”, which entails the imposition of an administrative fine of up to 5,000 rubles or administrative arrest for up to 15 days.

The Investigation unit of the MIA of Russia Division for the city of Mezhdurechensk prosecuted the apartment owner on the features of a crime stipulated by part 1 of Article 232 of the RF Criminal Code “Organization or maintenance of a drug den or systematic provision of premises for the consumption of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues”. According to the sanctions of this article, the maximum penalty is a 4 years' imprisonment.

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