MIA of Russia officers suppressed operation of drug laboratory manufacturing mephedrone

“Officers of the MIA of Russia Main Directorate for Drug Trafficking Control, together with colleagues from the Republic of Tatarstan, detained three men suspected of illegal production and sale of synthetic drugs.

According to available information, one of the offenders purchased drugs in the shadow segment of the Internet for the purpose of further sale through his on-line store.

As a result of operative-search activities the Police detained the suspect. He turned to be a previously convicted resident of Kazan. During the search, more than 21 grams of mephedrone were seized from the man, as well as a mobile phone with photos of a laboratory equipped for the production of drugs. The detainee admitted that he was supplied with drugs by a friend.

During further activities, investigators found the drug laboratory depicted in the photographs in the village of Talitsy near Moscow. It turned out that two residents of Kazan rented a country house, located on the outskirts of a horticultural partnership near a forest plantation, and equipped it with everything necessary. During a search of the premises, more than a kilogram of mephedrone was seized, as well as chemicals and laboratory equipment.

The Investigative unit of the MIA of Russia Administration for the city of Kazan initiated a criminal case on the grounds of a crime under Article 228.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Placement to custody was selected as the preventive measure for the suspects. The preliminary investigation continues,” said the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs Irina Volk.

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