Facing the spread of coronavirus infection, traffic police switches to special mode of operation

In the units of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate in the regions, additional measures will be taken to protect citizens and policemen from the spread of coronavirus infection. These measures include minimizing of personal communication during the provision of public services through the traffic police, traffic surveillance, as well as in cases of administrative offenses. The corresponding order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has already been circulated.

State services of registering vehicles, holding exams and issuing driver's licenses will now be carried out only by prior appointment through the Unified Portal of State and Municipal Services.

The issuance of permission in electronic form to make changes to the design of the vehicle will remain unchanged, following the previously developed algorithm, when applications are submitted by e-mail to a specially created address and are reviewed with a specified frequency.

The issuance of certificates of conformity of a vehicle, with alterations made to its design, to safety requirements, as well as the issuance of certificates for the admission of vehicles to the transportation of dangerous goods will be carried out by making a prior appointment over the phone.

In cooperation with educational organizations that train candidates for drivers of vehicles (driving schools), the number of candidates who are simultaneously taking exams for drivers in the training groups will be reduced. To achieve this, the schedules of examinations for the right to drive vehicles will be adjusted.

The sending of road users to the units of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate to consider cases of administrative offenses, if the officer has the authority to make a decision on the case directly at the place of the offense and in the absence of circumstances that impede such a decision, should be excluded, and the stay of citizens in official vehicles of the traffic police and in the premises of stationary traffic police posts - should be minimized.

If there is still a need to send road users to the units of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate for the consideration of administrative offenses and the registration of an accident, a specific date and time of appearance will be appointed, reception will take place in specially designated premises, if possible through reception windows.

It is recommended that employees of registration units of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate refrain from applying administrative measures for violation of the vehicle registration deadline.

Employees interacting with applicants must be provided with personal means of respiratory protection. Premises - should be sanitized and aired at least once every two hours.

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