Vladimir Kolokoltsev introduced new chiefs of four territorial bodies of MIA of Russia

“Today, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, General of the Police of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltsev, introduced to the personnel new chiefs of a number of regional level territorial bodies of the Ministry via videoconference,” said the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs Irina Volk.

By the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 189 of March 18, 2020, the following appointments were made: Major General of the Police Andrei Konovalov - to the position of Chief of the MIA of Russia Administration for the Novgorod Region; Police Colonel Vyacheslav Kryuchkov - to the position of Chief of the MIA of Russia Administration for the Omsk Region; Police Colonel Aleksandr Melnichenko -  to the position of the Minister of Internal Affairs for the Karachay-Cherkess Republic; Major General of Police Konstantin Noskov -  to the position of Chief of the MIA of Russia Administration for the Amur Region.

The Chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia noted that a significant part of the service biography of each of them was associated with criminal block units. Over the years, they have held senior positions in the territorial bodies of both the district level and the regional level, and have proved in practice their high professional and moral qualities.

Addressing the appointed chiefs, Vladimir Kolokoltsev said: “Of course, any region has its own specifics, and colleagues are well aware of this, since within the system of rotation they worked on the territory of several constituent entities of the Russian Federation. I’m sure: getting down to new responsibilities, you will quickly get in the know and assess the specifics of the operational situation”.

The Minister emphasized serious adjustments that had been made in the organization of operational and official activities and were a result of the implementation of a package of measures to counteract the spread of coronavirus infection: “The relevant Urgent Action Plan was approved and sent to the territorial units. Its implementation must be approached with maximum responsibility. We should work out algorithms of interagency interaction in the new circumstances”.

The MIA Chief said that from March 18 and until a special order, an operational headquarters had been deployed in the Ministry. He demanded also to provide the required information in a timely manner, as well as to control personally the whole range of activities in this area.

At the same time, Vladimir Kolokoltsev drew attention to the fact that one should not allow a decrease in the efficiency of operational tasks solving. We are talking about the quality of criminal cases investigation and the prompt identification of persons who have committed unlawful acts. Among the priority areas there were mentioned the fight against extremism, corruption, the fight against IT crime, the prevention of offenses, including among minors.

Large-scale tasks are assigned to the internal affairs bodies within the frame of the national projects implementation. Significant efforts will be necessary to achieve the goals of reducing the mortality from road accidents. It is necessary to create and organize the functioning of a single information resource for citizens and migration registration. In addition, financial resources allocated to all national projects should be protected from criminal attacks.

According to the Chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, the solution of these and other tasks depends on well-coordinated joint efforts taken with colleagues in the “power” bloc, and with the heads of regional and local authorities.

Vladimir Kolokoltsev also emphasized the importance of competent organization of work with the personnel and wished success to the newly appointed leaders in solving crucial tasks of ensuring law and order in the country.

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