In Yakutia, police precinct officer solved misappropriation of funds by a courier

The head of a courier organization turned to a precinct police officer and stated that one of the employees had misled the accounting office. An internal audit revealed a shortage of a large sum of money - almost half a million rubles.

During the operational measures taken, due to the coordinated actions of the police and the courier service, the offender was identified. The suspects turned to be a 49-year-old courier.

The suspect managed to hide facts of invoiced money misappropriation for a rather long time, since he was one of the most experienced employees in the organization and had a good reputation. Unlike other workers, he was allowed to report on invoices less frequently than on a daily basis, as required by the rules.

A criminal case has been initiated on the fact under part 3 of Article 160 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Misappropriation or embezzlement). The suspect explained his illegal actions by his intention to solve financial problems.  The preventive measure selected against the suspect was a subscription on his own recognizance.

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