In Kaluga, police solved series of crimes committed against senior citizens

In November 2019, the police in the city of Kaluga received a number of statements of fraud.

All the crimes were committed in an identical way: long-distance calls were received to phone numbers of victims and strangers introducing themselves as officers of various law enforcement agencies, informed potential victims that their relatives had committed a traffic accident or violated the law otherwise.

Leaving no time to think, the offenders offered their interlocutors for a certain monetary reward services of releasing their loved ones from criminal liability.

Thus, deceived citizens, who were mostly elderly people, transferred their savings to couriers from among taxi drivers, who were also unaware of being involved in a criminal scheme.

The total damage caused to the victims as a result of fraudulent actions exceeded 400 thousand rubles.

During the operational-search activities the Police identified the suspects and their location. They were previously convicted residents of the Samara Region.

Placement to custody was selected as the preventive measure for the suspects.

The offenders have been charged with five episodes of the illegal activity. The investigation continues.

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