In Moscow Region, police detected workshop disassembling stolen cars

Officers of the MIA of Russia Main Directorate for Criminal Investigation together with colleagues from the Vologda and Kaluga Region suppressed the activities of a group of persons suspected of committing theft of expensive cars.

According to available information, the offenders penetrated into the cars using special equipment and stole them. In a car service shop located in the Domodedovsky District of the Moscow Region, vehicles were disassembled for spare parts, which were subsequently sold via the Internet.

As a result of operational-search measures in the Moscow Region, two residents of the capital were detained. During a search in the car repair shop, partially dismantled stolen foreign cars, devices for penetrating the cars and starting engines, and radio noise generators were found. In addition, fake number plates of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, ignition keys for cars of various brands, mobile phones, an air gun, as well as items and documents belonging to the victims were seized.

Currently, the circumstances of two thefts of vehicles committed by the detainees have been established. The preliminary amount of the damage exceeded 1,500,000 rubles. Criminal proceedings into the facts were instituted on the grounds of crimes stipulated by part 3 of Article 158 of the RF Criminal Code. Currently, with regard to one of the detainees. placement to custody has been selected as the preventive measure and the other one has been placed under house arrest.

Investigative actions and operational-search measures aimed at identifying accomplices and additional episodes of unlawful activity are being carried out,” said the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs Irina Volk.

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