Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia prepared draft resolutions of Russian Government regulating technical inspection system operation

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia drafted two resolutions of the Government of the Russian Federation, which approve the rules for maintaining a unified automated information system for technical inspection (EAISTO) and amend the procedures for collecting, storing and using the information contained in it.

The draft resolutions provide for the improvement of the procedure for the formation of the technical inspection system, which is associated with the introduction of video recording of the technical inspection, the filling-in of an electronic diagnostic card, as well as the assignment of control over the technical inspection to the police. The purpose of these measures is to exclude cases of falsification of the technical inspection and to ensure a quality check of the technical state of vehicles, which will reduce the percentage of accidents resulting from vehicle malfunctions.

The rules of the technical inspection system regulate the specifics of filling-in diagnostic cards, assigning them the status of valid, archived or canceled, the specifics and terms of their storage in the information system. In particular, possible ways of protecting the electronic document data are being established.

The Rules also determine the procedure for the interaction of the technical inspection system with the information system of compulsory insurance, as well as the procedure for the informational and practical interaction of all participants involved in the implementation of the technical inspection procedure.

The technical inspection system is operated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Currently the drafts of regulatory legal acts are going through the process of public discussion on the Single Portal for posting information about the development by federal executive bodies of draft regulations and the results of their public discussion.

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