In Saratov Region, police officers had to break side window of car that had fallen though ice in order to save driver’s life

“The duty-unit of the MIA of Russia Inter-Municipal Division “Saratovsky”, received a message that a car had driven out on the ice of the Tereshka River and had dipped in a wormwood. 

The crew on the patrol route, consisting of police Major Sergei Zagorodnev and police petty officer Aleksandr Tarakanov, immediately arrived at the scene.

The police saw the headlights of the car that almost completely went under the water. Its doors were locked, and the driver was waist-deep in ice-cold water. Instantly assessing the situation, the policemen broke a side window and pulled the victim out. The policemen put him in the police car and provided first aid. The man thanked Sergei Zagorodnev and Aleksandr Tarakanov for prompt assistance.

At present, nothing threatens the life and health of the citizen,” said the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs Irina Volk.

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