At Tolmachevo Airport, police detained passenger who had violated public order in airplane traveling from Bangkok to Novosibirsk

“The duty unit of the MIA of Russia Linear Division at the Tolmachevo Airport received a message that the crew of an airplane arriving from Bangkok needed assistance of police officers in connection with inadequate behavior of one of the passengers.

According to available information, during the flight the citizen with visible signs of intoxication spoke in obscene language to flight attendants and other passengers. He reacted aggressively to comments, requests, and later to demands of airline staff, and also hit the woman sitting next to her.

Traffic police officers detained the public order offender. He turned to be a 34-year-old resident of Novosibirsk. In relation to the detainee, a protocol of an administrative offense was drawn up under Article 19.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation.

The inquiry department of the linear police division initiated a criminal case on the grounds of a crime under paragraph “c” of part 1 of Article 213 of the Russian Criminal Code,” said the official representative of the Russian MIA Irina Volk.

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