In Velikiye Luki the police rescued two people from fire

In the off-duty time a policeman of the Traffic Police Detached Company of the MIA Division in Velikiye Luki Junior Sergeant Vadim Barkanov with his friend were walking by one of the houses and saw smoke and flames breaking out of a window of a ground floor apartment.

A woman ran out of the building calling for help. According to her, in the apartment there were two men who needed help. Barkanov with his friend called the firefighters and rushed to the apartment, where there was a strong smoke. They found and took out of the fire the two men who were unconscious. The victims were taken to hospital, where they were given the necessary medical assistance. The lives of the two men are out of danger.

Vadim serves in the Police since November 2012. His father gave more than twenty years of his life to service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Vadim's brother is a police officer in St. Petersburg.

Press-Service of MIA Administration in the Pskov Region

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