In Arkhangelsk, police detained suspect in attacking ambulance driver

“Arkhangelsk police officers promptly detained a suspect in an attack on an ambulance driver.

According to available information, the ambulance team arrived on an emergency call and had to block one of the driveways in the courtyard of a residential building on Sovetskikh Cosmonavtov Avenue. The driver of a foreign made car, who was in the courtyard, began demanding that the doctors free the passage, after which, in the course of the conflict, he stabbed the driver of the ambulance team and fled the scene.

Within half an hour, the police detained the suspect in the attack. It turned out to be a previously convicted resident of Arkhangelsk born in 1975.

The criminal case was initiated on the grounds of the crime stipulated by Art. 116 of the RF Criminal Code. The suspect was detained in accordance with Art. 91 of the RF Code of Criminal Procedure,” said the MIA official representative Irina Volk.

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