Children from Police Families Attended New Year performance

As part of the New Year and Christmas celebrations, a theatrical performance was held in one of the cultural centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for children of officers of internal affairs bodies who had died in the line of duty, children of officers disabled because of a combat trauma and combat veterans. More than 400 kids and teenagers from different regions of the country arrived in the capital for a fairy-tale show.

State Secretary – Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Igor Zubov greeted the audience on behalf of the department's leadership at the wonderful and loved by everyone New Year's holiday, and then invited the most daring little girl-guest to read from the stage a poem by a famous children's poet Vladimir Orlov about the family and the Motherland.

“A person has two most important values – his family and his homeland,” said Igor Zubov, “and here we have gathered together as one big family. We are all citizens of the Russian Federation. And for us there is another smaller family – these are officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.”

Addressing the children, the Deputy Minister said that the work of defenders of the Fatherland, soldiers of law and order – is very specific, difficult, but important and wonderful, necessary for the state.

“You are already part of our large family of police officers. Our department is always open for you. When you grow up, come to study at our colleges, institutes, universities. We will be always glad to see you there,” said the State Secretary and Deputy Minister.

Igor Zubov congratulated the children and their loved ones on the upcoming New Year, wished them success, peaceful sky above their heads, and also a good time in one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Moscow, after which a fairy-tale performance began. At the end of the celebration more positive emotions to the children were caused by sweet gifts.

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